Seabob, a necessary luxury accessory on multi million $ yachts

Client Context

Cayago Sea Toys, the makers of luxury water scooters with the brand name of Seabob had engaged Playtorium through an international service consortia. The assignment had been to establish a regional service and spare parts facility in Dubai.

Yacht owners carry a few of these scooters on their vessels and due to rough usage both over and under water, these devices tend to break especially the battery would drain, requiring regular replacements. As these yachts are regularly on the move and the owners are high net worth individuals, they require an immediate remedy and are willing to pay extra if necessary.

The GCC comprising Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and UAE  is a regular stopover destination for these luxury cruisers especially from September to April every year and this is when the Seabob’s are expected to get serviced at the nearest facility. 

Our Partnership

Identified a service partner with a warehousing facility in UAE to ensure ample space for the storage of faulty, buffer and demo scooters in addition to the spare parts that take up quite a bit of space. A deep water trough had to be ordered through a fabrication company in Dubai as post repair these devices must be tested in water for a few hours. As a number of devices had been received by the service partner at the onset of the agreement, a professional engineer from Cayago Germany was arranged to repair these devices as well as train the technicians of the service partner in Dubai. All tools, jigs and instruments were procured for the facility as part of the agreement as well as supervised the construction of the service platforms for the scooters. A call center with round the clock attendants was established ensuring a professional response to any urgent query. Collection from across UAE and region was also established in coordination with courier services.

The service facility now caters to in transit yachts, local recreational enthusiasts, watersport businesses as well as vehicles from across the region. Established a warranty claims procedure as well as KPI’s in coordination with the Cayago HQ in Germany for the local partner. 

What did
Playtorium do

With a local facility in the UAE, the yacht owners can now enjoy their vacations with a peace of mind as well as local users who can get their devices repaired within 3 days. Warranty claims as well as attractive out of warranty charges have been a great change as earlier the devices had to be shipped to Germany for repairs wasting precious time as well as bearing high costs.

A happy service partner with a brand new vertical that’s attracted other marine recreational vehicles for service business at their facility as well as satisfied customers.

The Results

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