Market Entry for European Phone Brand

Customer was a European manufacturer of brand name ruggedized mobile phones which targets a very niche segment that include people with active lifestyle and into outdoor sports, enterprises using rugged mobile devices such as logistics companies, food delivery, outdoor sites such as construction, airports, or parks. The customer wanted to enter the Middle East market and sell through multiple channels including network operators, large retailers, and sports shops.

Duration: Four years

Our Solution

With our years of experience in the telecom industry we quickly understood what channels are required to introduce this niche product and what it takes to attract the potential users.

We decided to adapt a multichannel approach by approaching the leadership teams in the carriers (network operators) and large retailers in each of the eight countries that were assigned to us. We started with the executive management and product team in each channel and made product presentations to highlight the product’s unique features, its ruggedness and user cases for both consumers and enterprises. After the product was approved for listing, we conducted roadshows and training for the sales and marketing teams that included the usage of live units and test samples.

Then came the challenging part of signing the agreements, ordering, supply, and fulfillment for all the channels and a proper framework was set up to ensure that we have a complete supply chain in place to reach the next three years.

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